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Breville Coffee Grinder – Your Smart Kitchen Friend

Breville Coffee Grinder

The Breville Smart Grinder is a cool and useful gadget for any Modern kitchen.

A lot of people love to drink coffee especially early in the morning. Statistics show that billions of cups of coffee every year are consumed by people around the world. The flavor and the rich aroma are some of the reasons why this beverage is highly in-demand. If you are a coffee lover or connoisseur, you will surely look for the perfect coffee grinder. One of the best machines you can find in the market is the Breville Coffee Grinder.

The modern conveniences of today’s technologically advanced world allow coffee lovers to enjoy the best tasting coffee any time of the day or night. Breville offers a wide range of products – from coffee machines to espresso, as well as coffee grinders. Some of the popular products under this brand are the following – Bar Aroma Coffee and Spice Grinder, Sugar ‘n Spice Grinder, and the Bar Vista Coffee and Spice Grinder. There is also the Smart Grinder, and from the name itself, it is Breville’s smartest coffee grinder.

According to Breville, you need freshly grounded coffee beans to get a serving of the best coffee. This Breville Coffee Grinder is equipped with ‘Dosing IQ Technology’, so every time the grind is changed the dose is also automatically adjusted.

Here are the features of the Breville Coffee Grinder:

  • LCD Display
  • Removable Hopper, 450g
  • 25 Grind Settings
  • 50-54 mm / 58mm commercial filters
  • Air-tight storage canister

Breville Coffee Grinder – Pros

Below are some of the reasons why the Breville Coffee Grinder is an excellent choice for home and commercial environments.

Balanced extraction is delivered because of the consistent grind through the conical burr grinders of the Breville Coffee Grinder. The flavor is maximized since the grinder turns slowly, thus minimizing the heat transfer. You can grind coffee beans hands-free, and you can do this through the espresso filter.

Breville Grinder Dosing Technology Logo

The Dosing IQ technology

As mentioned earlier, the Dosing IQ Technology is already equipped in the Breville Coffee Grinder. This is exclusive to Breville products. With the different grinder settings, you can create a suitable coffee style. Each dose’s volume is consistent through the automatic dosing feature of the machine.

The conical burr of the Breville Coffee Grinder is made of stainless steel which ensures many years of service with proper use and maintenance. Just imagine being able to grind up to ten cups of coffee beans!

The Breville Coffee Grinder operates at 165 watts and comes with 2-year replacement warranty.

Breville has been around for more than 75 years now, and it has already perfected the craft in creating innovative products such as the Breville Coffee Grinder. Harry Noville and Bill O’Brien founded the company in Australia, and at present, it is selling a wide range of products in more than thirty countries around the globe. You can trust the name of the company, and you are guaranteed to get a quality product that will give you many years of efficient service.

Breville also offers the Barista Express BES860XL with an integrated grinder. This is a coffee maker and coffee grinder in one amazing product that is fully programmable and made from die-cast, heavy duty stainless steel.

Breville Bean Grinder – Cons

Below are some of the issues encountered by some users of the Breville Coffee Grinder:

  • The motor isn’t powerful enough
  • The motor has a smell when it is hot

These are issues and concerns of some users, but it all depends on your needs. In fact, the new models of Breville coffee makers and grinders are a big improvement, and this is backed by the many positive testimonials of customers.

Customer Reviews

This is a no-mess grinder that comes with an attractive container. The coffee grounds are neatly and safely housed. With minimal noise level, you can work on your coffee without worries. You can finish coffee preparation in no time, and you can do it like the pros!

It is truly challenging to pick a coffee grinder. It would be wise to determine your budget first, as well as your requirements. After doing so, you can now pick the one that best suits your needs. Breville has several products, so finding the right one is not as hard as you think.


The Breville Coffee Grinder is an excellent investment especially if you love preparing different kinds of coffee. Since the brand offers a combination of coffee maker and grinder, as well as stand-alone grinders, you must pick the one that meets your needs.

Sipping hot coffee in the morning can make your day complete. If you love coffee, why don’t you invest on the right coffee grinder? It is never too late to shop for one.

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