Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Coffee Maker Review

Top 5 Features of Breville BDC550XL Youbrew

Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Review

  • Automatic Grind and Brew Coffee Maker
  • Carafe Warming Plate
  • Automatic Start feature
  • Programmable Clock
  • Brew Power Control with Seven Sets
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Breville BDC550XL Coffee Maker Youbrew Glass is the latest addition of Breville’s line of espresso and coffee maker series. This is a coffee machine with burr grinder model having glass carafe. This coffee maker with grinder is really powerful and attractive which will seem nice on your counter top.

Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Video Review (Official)

The following Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Video Review helps to know more about this product you are looking for.

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Is Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Ideal for Me?

If you are searching for an adaptable grind and brew drip coffee maker with glass carafe, then you are very close and choose Breville BDC550XL Coffee Maker. You will never believe that having nine various cup sizes would obtain that much usage but for sure you will amaze once you start seeing how much usage it got. You will surely like the coffee flavor setting that will really allow you tailor your mug of coffee.

The Breville BDC550XL YouBrew coffeemaker allows coffee fanatics like you to make your tasteful cup of coffee with its exceptional system. Simply pick your most desired coffee bean, pick the most preferred flavor profile, select the most desired power, the Breville BDC550XL will do the rest for you with it’s SMART IQ features. The result is a hot cup of fresh Java.

Where to Buy Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Coffee Maker?

The state-of-the-art Breville BDC550XL Youbrew drip coffee maker is a perfect bean to cup drip coffee maker which tailors the level of brewing for a glass, travel mug and the integrated glass carafe. If you are searching a coffee machine with grinder that does all your coffee needs, then Breville BDC550XL Youbrew glass is an ideal coffee maker for you. We highly recommend you to Buy Breville BDC550XL Youbrew from Amazon.

 breville bdc550xl coffee maker you brew glass

Breville BDC550XL Drip Coffee Maker Features

You can enjoy your customized coffee with this Breville YouBrew Glass BDC550XL coffee maker that features 7 brew-strength and 5 flavor settings. The main features of this product are:

  • Included burr-type of coffee grinder
  • Lasting gold-tone filter
  • 60oz top-fill water tank with “MAX” level caution beep
  • You can choose between brewing up to 12 cups (60oz) of coffee with the glass carafe that is provided.
  • LCD demonstrate with rational graphics as well as count-down timer
  • Brew power control with seven sets from light to bold
  • 12- mug double-wall durable stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Programmable clock as well as Automatic Start feature
  • Powerful Stainless Steel Body

Breville bdc550xl heating element
The definite diverse of BDC550XL coffeemaker is that it incorporate with a Carafe Warming Plate which will shut off automatically upon two hours of using. The machine is wrapped in a stunning Breville durable stainless steel skin and comes with a fitted ½ pounds bean hopper as well as a burr kind coffee grinder.

The smart brewing system allows the users to get the great flavor from their option of coffee. You can easily tailor the control for the flavor profile and power you want. The Breville BDC550XL coffeemaker IQ system takes over the grinds and measures the accurate level of coffee, heats the precise amount of water to an exact brewing degree and the systems the maximum steeping time.

User can by-pass the coffee grinder and utilize pre-ground coffee, especially those who preferred decaffeinated coffee. Simply swing out the Breville filter basket and put in grounds to the filter, or restore the fixed filter with paper filter to make your desired pre-ground coffee.

Pros and Cons of Breville BDC550XL Youbrew Drip Coffee Maker

Breville BDC550XL Pros

  • Lots of features
  • Easy to use
  • Brew coffee anytime you want
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

Breville BDC550XL Cons

  • One minor complaint regarding this machine is that it takes time to clean properly.
  • This coffee maker is a little pricey. But for the meticulous coffee lover, this product is a remarkable coffee device for the cost


For a tastier and creamier coffee, choose only the best and reliable coffeemaker machine that has hosts of essential features at a very reasonable price, all these can be obtain by Breville BDC550XL Youbrew coffee maker with grinder.

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