Capresso 477.05 CoffeeTeam PRO Glass

Capresso Coffeeteam PRO Glass Review

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Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro: Giving You the Best Coffee making Experience

Bring your coffeemaker to the next level by using the new Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro Glass Coffeemaker with Grinder. With its fine developed features, you will experience the satisfying taste of your coffee from this amazing coffeemaker. Through the years of developing the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass, the Capresso Coffee TEAM Pro came across the idea of creating a coffeemaker and grinder machine with conical burr grinder integrated. And they are the first one to create in this kind of machine technology.

No other coffeemaker will bring this kind of convenience using the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass with its easy to use features. Place the coffee beans in the grinder, set the time and it will automatically process the coffee grinding. Sipping with the best grinded coffee from Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass will give you a savoury good taste of your coffee. Check out the product features of Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass by reading this Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass review and know more about the advantages and its weak points and decide whether you will like the product.

Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro Glass Video

The following video demonstration of capresso coffeeTeam pro glass shows how this machine functions.

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More about Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro Coffee Maker

Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro works by simply filling the fresh beans in the grinding container, setting up the timer then have the right amount of coffee bean for grounding, and then have the machine work on its own. This machine can also preserve the warm and aroma of your coffee and will bring out the best coffee flavor.

The idea of having the combination of conical burr grinder and direct feed technology in a single coffeemaker machine is the great feature of this product and makes it more standout in the market. Trying this different kind of product will bring your coffee making experience into the next level. When it comes to the price, it’s quite expensive but it’s worth buying for since it is different from any other coffeemaker.

The Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass has compact designs and very presentable. The machine will be able to use as well without having the grinder and can accommodate pre-ground coffee. The beans are safely enclose on the container and prevents hassle bean spilling.

Capresso 477.05 CoffeeTeam Pro Glass Features

Capresso 477.05 Coffee Maker with Grinder
The following are the main features of Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro Glass grind and brew coffee maker.

  • Combined with solid steel made Conical burr grinder with a removable upper burr
  • Great size removable water tanker
  • With patent pending dispenser which gives a smooth run of ground coffee through the filter
  • With LCD display time set that can be programmed for 24 hour
  • The exterior is made with stainless steel
  • With Oily Bean Setting that controls the dark roasting by slowing it
  • With Two-step grind & clean chamber that enables to clean the grinder area whenever it is use
  • With 7 ounce bean container that can be completely remove for easy coffee bean refilling
  • Has a charcoal water filter that enables to remove some impurities
  • With programming buttons for cup size, brewing, pre-ground coffee use and oily coffee setting
  • With Glass Carafe 12 cup capacity with comfortable handle and drip free sprout
  • With three fineness setting that enable to adjust the grinder for the type of coffee bean
  • With automatic shut off and keeping warm temperature for about two hours

Pros and Cons of Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro Coffee Maker with Grinder

The pros and cons of Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro 477.05 are as following:
capresso coffeeTeam pro glass pros

  • A multipurpose coffeemaker and grinder with conical burr grinder
  • Can grind whole coffee beans through the filter
  • Can brew 12 cups of coffee automatically
  • With slow burr grinding that disseminate minimal heat
  • It enable to contain the coffee aroma
  • You can set up and program the timer for brewing
  • Safe and easy lifting, unlocking or for cleaning the grinder bean container
  • Able to contain the coffee bean freshness and flavor with its sealed container lid
  • Drip free that lets you to pour coffee while in brewing process
  • Has a filter which can remove 82% chlorine and other impurities
  • With clear LCD display
  • Adjustable grinders and containers

capresso coffeeTeam pro glass cons

  • Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is quite expensive. But it is useful and you get what you pay for

Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro Review – From Real Customers

Since it is a new coffee maker in the market, you can not find more customer reviews. But this excellent product will surely love by many customers because of its special feature. The Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass is a very reliable product. With its multiple features and functions, it’s having a three in one machine. Since Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass is new to the market, this is worth trying for.

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Overall, this product surely will give you a satisfying coffee making experience. All the new added features are completely great and convenient for its purpose. Hope that this Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass review help you to decide to purchase the product. Buy one now and be the first to experience its high quality features.

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