How to Clean A Grind and Brew Coffee Maker ?

Cleaning your grind and brew coffee maker is essential for guaranteeing its longevity, and making sure that the coffee brewed tastes amazing every single time. While it might not be difficult to do a deep clean on a coffee machine, it’s important to do it frequently so it stays operational.
How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Grinder?
The first step of cleaning a coffee maker with grinder is to remove the bean hopper, brew basket and glass / stainless steel carafe, and wash them with soap and hot water.

STEP 01 : Clean the Coffee Grinder

The first thing you can do is to clean your coffee grinder. So first remove the bean hopper from the coffee machine. Then with the help of a grinder cleaning brush or any other stiff brush, remove chute and oil around the coffee grinder. You can also use a Handheld Vacuum and suck out whatever particles are left in there, for a deeper clean. Now wipe down the internal surface to remove any remaining debris.

STEP 02: Clean the Carafe

If the carafe has any lingering odors, a good way to get rid of them is by filling the carafe with warm water, and adding about a half cup of while vinegar. After letting the vinegar sit in the carafe for around an hour, rinse it several times and wash it with more soap and water. If the scent persists, there are products such as Urnex Cleaner that will clean it up almost instantly.

STEP 03 : Descale Your Coffee Maker

It is recommended to descale your grind and brew coffee machine every three months or so, depending on how frequently it is used, and how hard the water is in your area. Descaling is essentially running a product through the coffee machine that will remove all the hard water buildup, and help clear up any line blockages.

If a coffee machine goes too long without being descaled, it could stop working, the water may take a long time to heat up, or no water will be able to circulate the machine.

To descale a machine, simply add a Coffee Maker Descaling Solution, that can be purchased at most online and offline stores, into the water reservoir, and run the machine normally, but without a filter or coffee grounds.

Once the descaling process has been completed, you’ll want to flush the machine with tons of water to clean out any residue. A good way to do this, is to just fill the water reservoir, and turn the machine on as if you were brewing coffee, and let all the water pass through, this should be completed 3-4 times to assure that all the liquid descaler has been removed from the machine.

If you don’t want to buy any form of liquid descaling solution, distilled white vinegar is also a great alternative, but two flushes with vinegar may be necessary. While descaling may seem like an annoying process, it will save you a lot of money, especially if your coffee maker is of a premium grade.

After descaling and washing the brew basket along with the carafe, you should next clean the exterior of the machine. To do this, simply moisten a paper towel or cloth, and wipe off any stains that may be on the surface. Once everything looks clean, go ahead and make some coffee to reward yourself for your hard work!

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