How to Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh ?

When brewing any style of coffee it is key that the coffee beans are kept fresh to ensure a great flavor. This is especially true when buying premium and expensive coffee. As soon as a package of coffee beans is opened, the beans will slowly start to lose their freshness and flavor.
Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh

The natural enemies of fresh roasted coffee beans are

  1. Air
  2. Water / Moisture
  3. Heat and
  4. Light

So Keep the beans from these enemies for freshness.

Keep Your Coffee Beans into an Airtight Container

In most cases, once the bag of coffee beans is opened, you’ll want to transfer its contents into something else, unless the bag itself is resealable and airtight. Options are pretty much endless when it comes to coffee storage, with containers such as mason jars, products marketed specifically for coffee beans, as well as just about any airtight container.

The most important part about finding a good container for coffee, is making sure the container is completely airtight. Some products that are marketed to keep coffee fresh sometimes have some sort of electric device that sucks air out of the container.

Also, when searching for a container, make sure it is dark or opaque. Light can also make coffee go stale quicker, especially UV rays from the Sun. So keeping your coffee beans in a clear glass jar in front of a window is a pretty bad idea.

Why Fridge is not a Good Place to Store Your Coffee Beans?

No Fridge or Freezer for Storing Coffee BeansThere is a myth circulating around the coffee world, that states that storing coffee in the fridge or freezer will make it last longer.

While a freezer can work in some situations, a fridge is never a good place to store coffee beans.

This is because of all the excess moisture that is present in a refrigerator.

Every time the fridge is opened, more moisture will be brought in, which will cause the coffee to go bad faster.

Though, coffee can generally be stored in the freezer, but only if it is in a completely airtight bag or container, and you plan to keep it in there for a period longer than a month.

When removing coffee from the freezer, make sure that it reaches room temperature before opening the container to prevent condensation.

Once taken out of the freezer, it’s advised to never put it back in, kind of like how it is recommended to never refreeze meat.

Buy Only Smaller Amounts of Coffee Beans

Another tip to ensure coffee freshness, is to buy in smaller amounts more often, as opposed to large amounts less frequently. Once opened, coffee generally lasts between 5-7 days before it will start to taste funny, and if you are buying a five pound of coffee beans that will take you a month to drink, then chances are, it will go stale way before you get past a pound.

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